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Follow Me! Creating a Personal Brand with Twitter

Follow Me!
Creating a Personal Brand with Twitter
John Wiley & Sons, 2012

From the back cover …
“It’s not what you say to others that makes your brand successful. It’s what others say about you. And Twitter is where they’re talking. It’s where you find out what your customers want and see your offerings from their perspective. Where you discover what tickles their emotions, gets the conversation going, and makes them respond with conviction and passion. Here’s how to build your brand with Twitter.  …”

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De 0 a 100000: Social media para profesionales y pequeñas empresas

De 0 a 100000
Social media para profesionales y pequeñas empresas
Anaya Multimedia, 2012

Présentation de l'éditeur …
“Cierre los ojos. Visualice 100.000 personas entusiasmadas con su negocio y su marca. Personas que compran sus servicios o productos y que les cuentan a sus amigos lo buenos que son, y todo esto sin tener que pagar por ello. Este es el plan sencillo y de bajo coste que propone esta obra; localizar a sus posibles clientes en los medios sociales, conectar con ellos y darles lo que desean, para que pueda obtener una excelente reputación y presencia en los medios online, y todo ello en diez pasos. Si desea que su empresa sea reconocida entre sus consumidores y atraer a los que todavía no lo son, este libro es el perfecto compañero de bolsillo en su viaje por los medios sociales y una lectura única con la que disfrutar mientras va recorriendo su camino hacia el éxito.  …”

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Zero to 100,000: Social Media Tips & Tricks for Small Businesses

Zero to 100,000
Social Media Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses
Que (an imprint of Pearson), 2011

From the back cover …
“Close your eyes. Now, envision 100,000 people who are passionate about you, your business, and your brand! We’re talking about people who buy your stuff, and then tell their friends how incredibly great you are—without being paid to do it. People who follow your every move, look to you for guidance, and can’t wait to hear what you’re up to next.

Your 100,000 people. Your two football stadiums full of cheering fans. They’re out there, looking for you. Here’s your easy, low-cost social media plan for finding them…connecting with them…giving them what they want—so they can make you stunningly, incredibly successful!  …”

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Marketing Wireless Products

Marketing Wireless Products
Butterworth-Heinemann (an imprint of Elsevier), 2004
From the back cover …
“Marketing Wireless Products provides a comprehensive insight into the world of wireless technology marketing by addressing the many issues faced in effectively presenting this new technology to the end user/consumer. The book is based upon the rationale that technology marketing, and in particular wireless technology marketing, has always proved somewhat paradoxical to those working within the industry.  …”

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How to be a Social Media Superstar

How to be a Social Media Superstar
(currently seeking agency representation for this publication)
“So, you want to be a superstar? A social media superstar. Within these pages lie the secrets to becoming the virtual celebrity you always knew you could be. A simple, step by step guide that will take you by the hand and lead you down the red carpet towards social media fame. Whatever your interest, talent or enthusiasm, this book will show you how to maximise your potential to red hot, smoking superstardom, encompassing everything from setting your personal stage through to securing your stardom and being your own publicist.

From the comfort of your seat, in your own personal space, you can reach an audience of millions across the world to promote and ultimately secure your stardom in the social media universe. Connect with movie stars, models and aspirational figures across the world at the touch of a button. This is your chance to shine and be seen in the social media galaxy (to virtually network where noone has networked before!)

An essential read and an ideal gift for all those interested in becoming part of the social media phenomenon. This book is a must have accessory for every modern day social media celebrity wannabe.

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